viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012


Thadius T. Crowe was a genius , among many other wonders he built the awesome battleship that now serves as HQ of the special unit of the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) commanded by Captain Varla Skye and formed only by women.
The most beautiful and lethal women the world has ever seen, armed to the teeth with the advanced technology created by the now dissapeared Thadius T. Crowe.
An army that take no prisoners and tolerate no traitors!!!
So, I can proudly announce that in colaboration with Tommy Roberson and Varla Skye from My Steampunk Army I´m currently writing the first short story set in this awesome new steampunk universe and that´s only the begining, we are planing a longer novel too and if things go well many more.
The Vulture, Vera Blue
Surena, negotiator and diplomatic
"Silent Stephanie" The X Terminator
U.S. Marshall Ms Michelle
Rogue Soldier Memphis Mae
Christine, communications officer
Caroline, the woman in the Machine
Ashley, The Pony Soldier
Angie, The Crypt Keeper
Allison The Archer
Captain Varla Skye
Stay tuned for more info because these girls are coming to kick some asses!!!

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